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This section provides an overview description of AGIS services, modules and the system itself.

AGIS Servers

There are two independent AGIS servers that can be accessed via API or CLI client tools:

  • Production:
  • Development:

The servers can be accessed by API functions with the help of hostp parameter when creating AGIS instance. Please refer to Python API Reference section for more details.

The servers can be accessed by CLI tools with the help of --server option. Please refer to CLI tools section for more details.

If server host and port parameters are specified in the configuration file agis.conf, then they could be ommited in API objects constructor functions.

Cacheable API client

AGIS API provides the Cacheable client which caches the results of queries sent to AGIS server.

Available configuration parameters are described in agis.conf section.

To use AGISCacheable client instead of regular one, import command should be changed from:

>>> from agis.api.AGIS import AGIS


>>> from agis.api.AGISCacheable import AGISCacheable as AGIS

TiersOfATLAS API is cacheable by default.

XML Services

XML Topology export:

ATLAS topology export for ATP collectors: