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RESTfull API related to DDMSiteMatrix

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CLI tools

This section provides an overview of the different AGIS CLI tools.

ListClouds Retrieve information about clouds stored in AGIS: agis-list-clouds tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>
ListSites List ATLAS sites and its properties stored in AGIS: agis-list-sites tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc–site <rc_site>, –S <ddmsite> —-ddmsite <ddmsite>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>, –t <1> —-tier–level <1>, —-rc–tier–level <1>, —-panda–site <name>, —-panda–resource <name>, —-panda–queue <name>, —-country <name>, —-rc–country <name>, —-is–pledged <True>, —-is–direct <True>, —-state <state>, —-output <name,site,cloud>
SetSiteInfo Update site properties or register new site object in AGIS: agis-set-site-info tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-do–create, —-name <name>, —-state <state>, —-state–comment <reason>, —-is–pledged <0>, —-tz <tz>, —-longitude <int>, —-latitude <int>, —-infourl <url>, —-email <email>, —-rc <name>
ListPandaSites List Panda sites and its properties stored in AGIS: agis-list-panda-sites tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc–site <rc_site>, –S <ddmsite> —-ddmsite <ddmsite>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>, –t <1> —-tier–level <1>, —-rc–tier–level <1>, —-panda–site <name>, —-panda–resource <name>, —-panda–queue <name>, —-country <name>, —-rc–country <name>, —-is–pledged <True>, —-prtype <name>, —-state <state>, —-output <name,site,cloud>
ListPandaResources List Panda Resources and its properties stored in AGIS: agis-list-panda-resources tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc–site <rc_site>, –S <ddmsite> —-ddmsite <ddmsite>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>, –t <1> —-tier–level <1>, —-rc–tier–level <1>, —-panda–site <name>, —-panda–resource <name>, —-panda–queue <name>, —-country <name>, —-rc–country <name>, —-is–pledged <True>, —-prtype <name>, —-state <state>, —-output <name,site,cloud>
ListPandaQueues List Panda Queues and its properties stored in AGIS: agis-list-panda-queues tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc–site <rc_site>, –S <ddmsite> —-ddmsite <ddmsite>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>, –t <1> —-tier–level <1>, —-rc–tier–level <1>, —-panda–site <name>, —-panda–resource <name>, —-panda–queue <name>, —-country <name>, —-rc–country <name>, —-is–pledged <True>, —-is–cvmfs <True>, —-prtype <name>, —-ce–name <name>, —-ce–endpoint <name>, —-ce–queue–name <name>, —-site–state <site_state>, —-output <name,site,cloud>
ListDowntimes Retrieve information about past, ongoing, scheduled downtimes of ATLAS sites: agis-list-downtimes tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc_site <rc_site>, –t <tier_level> —-tier_level <tier_level>, —-severity <severity>, —-state <state>, —-bstart_time <start_time>, —-bend_time <end_time>, —-ongoing_time <2013-10-11 15:40:13>, —-show <ongoing>, —-groupby <site>, —-show–services, —-output <key1,key2,key3>
ListRC Retrieve information about Regional Centers, its sites and pledges: agis-list-rc tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, –n <name> —-name <name>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>, –t <tier_level> —-tier_level <tier_level>, —-withpledges, —-showsites, —-showpledges
ListSiteDDMEndpoints List DDMEndpoints objects related to ATLAS sites stored in AGIS: agis-list-ddmendpoints tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc–site <rc_site>, –S <ddmsite> —-ddmsite <ddmsite>, –g <ddmgroup> —-ddmgroup <ddmgroup>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>, –t <1> —-tier–level <1>, —-rc–tier–level <1>, —-rc <rc>, —-state <ACTIVE>, —-output <key1,key2,key3>, —-groupby <site>, —-srm <endpoint>, —-servedlfc <endpoint>
SetDDMEndpointInfo Update DDMEndpoints object properties: agis-set-ddmendpoint-info tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –d <ddmendpoint> —-ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>, —-name <name>, —-state <state>, —-state–comment <reason>, —-is–pledged <0>, —-is–tape <0>, —-domain <domain>, —-toolAssigner <lcg>, —-status <int>
GetSiteStatus Retrieve current site status value for given activity (old function): agis-get-site-status tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, –S <ddmsite> —-ddmsite <ddmsite>, —-status <status>, –a <activity> —-activity <activity>, —-groupby <site>
ListSiteStatus Retrieve site state values (in {ON, OFF, AUTO} notation) by activity: agis-list-sites-status tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –a <activity> —-activity <activity>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-ddmsite <ddmsite>, —-site–state <site_state>, —-state <state>, —-autostate <autostate>, —-status <status>, —-groupby <site>
SetSiteStatus Update site state related information for given activity: agis-set-site-status tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –a <activity> —-activity <activity>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-state <state>, —-autostate <autostate>, —-state–comment <reason>, —-autostate–comment <reason>
ListSWReleases List Software Installation releases stored in AGIS: agis-list-swreleases tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc–site <rc_site>, —-panda–site <name>, —-panda–resource <name>, —-panda–queue <name>, —-release <1.0.1>, —-project <name>, —-cmtconfig <name>, —-major–release <name>, —-tag <tag>, —-output <col1,col2,col3>
ListSWReleasePandaResources List Software Installation releases associated with PandaResources stored in AGIS: agis-list-panda-swreleases tool. —-version, –h —-help, —-server <host:port>, –c <cloud> —-cloud <cloud>, –s <site> —-site <site>, —-rc–site <rc_site>, —-panda–site <name>, —-panda–resource <name>, —-panda–queue <name>, —-release <1.0.1>, —-project <name>, —-cmtconfig <name>, —-major–release <name>, —-tag <tag>, —-output <col1,col2,col3>