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Python API Reference

This section provides detailed description of AGIS API functionality.

agis.api.AGIS.AGIS AGIS client to send requests to AGIS server. implementation based on AGIS API:

AGIS objects

agis.objects.Site Class stored RC site specific information.
agis.objects.ATLASSite Class stored ATLAS site specific information.
agis.objects.PandaSite Class stored Panda site specific information.
agis.objects.PandaResource Class stored PandaResource object specific information.
agis.objects.PandaQueue Class stored PandaQueue object specific information.
agis.objects.SWRelease Class stored software installation data.
agis.objects.SiteStatusActivity Site status value object described the site status for specific activity.
agis.objects.DDMEndpoint Object stored DDMEndpoint specific data.
agis.objects.Downtime Class stored Downtime data
agis.objects.Service Base Service object.
agis.objects.service_node.ServiceNode ServiceNode object.
agis.objects.service_node.ServiceNodeMonitor Class stored monitoring information associated with ServiceNode object.
agis.objects.service.FrontierService Service based class used to represent Frontier service specific data.
agis.objects.service.SquidService Service based class used to represent Squid service specific data.
agis.objects.fsconf.FSConfiguration Frontier-Squid site configuration entry.