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class agis.cli.site_status.GetSiteStatus

Retrieve current site status value for given activity (old function): agis-get-site-status tool.

Status value is automatically calculated respect to affected services of the downtime site being. If downtime affects SRM, FTS, LFC services then the status value will be severity of downtime (DOWN, ATRISK)

This function is deprecated!

Please use new function agis-list-site-status agis.cli.site_status_activity.ListSiteStatus to retrieve site.state, site.autostate values for given activity automatically set by special external appication.

Author :Alexey Anisenkov
Version:$Id: 466 2011-08-11 09:27:39Z anisyonk $


Retrieve auto calculated site status value for given activity of ATLAS sites.

How to run:

$ agis-get-site-status --help



show program’s version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--server <host:port>

AGIS service endpoint to use, hostname:port

-c <cloud>, --cloud <cloud>

Get states of sites that match the given cloud

-s <site>, --site <site>

Get state of a given site

-S <ddmsite>, --ddmsite <ddmsite>

Filter by ddmsite name

--status <status>

Filter by status value, possible values=[‘ACTIVE’, ‘DISABLED’, ‘DOWN’, ‘ATRISK’, ‘UNKNOWN’]

-a <activity>, --activity <activity>

Get state of a site for the specified activity. If given, filtering through ATLAS services is used inside. Example: activity=’DDMFT’

--groupby <site>

the parameter specified for what data key apply grouping, possible values: site, ddmsite, by default, groupby=site (ATLAS site name)