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class agis.cli.panda_site.ListPandaSites

List Panda sites and its properties stored in AGIS: agis-list-panda-sites tool.

Author :Alexey Anisenkov
Version:$Id: 553 2011-12-12 09:49:34Z anisyonk $


Retrieve info aboun Panda sites stored in the AGIS system. Input filter parameters allow to resolve Panda site name by Panda resource, Panda queue, ATLAS, RC, DDMSite, DDMEndpoint, names.

How to run:

$ agis-list-panda-sites --help



show program’s version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--server <host:port>

AGIS service endpoint to use, hostname:port

-c <cloud>, --cloud <cloud>

Filter by cloud name or alias

-s <site>, --site <site>

Filter by ATLAS site name

--rc-site <rc_site>

Filter by RegionalCenter site name

-S <ddmsite>, --ddmsite <ddmsite>

Filter by ddmsite name

-d <ddmendpoint>, --ddmendpoint <ddmendpoint>

Filter by given ddmendpoint name

-t <1>, --tier-level <1>

Filter by ATLAS tier level value

--rc-tier-level <1>

Filter by RC tier level value

--panda-site <name>

Filter filter by PandaSite name

--panda-resource <name>

filter by PandaResource name (PandaSiteID)

--panda-queue <name>

filter by associated PandaQueue name

--country <name>

filter by Country name associated with site

--rc-country <name>

filter by RC Country name

--is-pledged <True>

Filter by sites which marked as pledged

--prtype <name>

filter by PandaQueue type: possible values=[‘production’, ‘special’, ‘analysis’, ‘obsolete’]

--state <state>

Filter by state value, possible values=[‘ACTIVE’, ‘DISABLED’]

--output <name,site,cloud>
Comma separated list of output key columns to be printed, possible values=[‘id’, ‘name’, ‘rc_site’, ‘site’, ‘cloud’, ‘rc’, ‘tier_level’, ‘grid_flavour’, ‘state’, ‘is_pledged’, ‘state_comment’, ‘state_update’, ‘emailContact’, ‘infoURL’, ‘country’, ‘rc_country’, ‘ddmsite’],