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class agis.cli.list_sites.SetSiteInfo

Update site properties or register new site object in AGIS: agis-set-site-info tool.

Author :Alexey Anisenkov
Version:$Id: 786 2012-10-15 08:30:12Z anisyonk $


Create or update site object information tool. To register new site in AGIS agis-set-site-info --do-create option should be set.

How to run:

$ agis-set-site-info --help



show program’s version number and exit

-h, --help

show this help message and exit

--server <host:port>

AGIS service endpoint to use, hostname:port

-s <site>, --site <site>

Site name for which to set information


Force to create site object if failed to resolve by name

--name <name>

Site name value to be set

--state <state>

Site state value to be set, possible values=[‘ACTIVE’, ‘DISABLED’]

--state-comment <reason>

Comment message for state value

--is-pledged <0>

is pledged boolean value to be set

--tz <tz>

TZ value to be set

--longitude <int>

Longitude site property to be set

--latitude <int>

Latitude site property to be set

--infourl <url>

infoURL site property to be set

--email <email>

emailContact site property to be set

--rc <name>

Regional Center name site property to be set