ATLAS Grid Information System

AGIS has been migrated to CRIC: it's still kept working for debug purpose and to access historical data.

Please use CRIC for production operations in ATLAS

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RC Site (OIM/GOCDB):mainzgrid RC:NULL Cloud:DE State:ACTIVE VO:atlas [More]

ID: 961

Experiment Site: mainzgrid

Experiment Tier: 3

is_direct: No

RC mainzgrid.corepower: 10

corepower: 0.0

corepower_on: False

Frontier proxy autoconf: No

RC mainzgrid.maxdiskio: None

maxdiskio: None

maxdiskio_on: False

Auto Notification: Yes


State updated: 2013-09-16 08:39

State Comment: ATLAS Site was created using WebUI

Data Policy: AnalysisData

DE Cloud's Resource shares   Edit cloud shares
TypeCapabilityShare value (%)Last Modified
analysis ALL None2015-06-17 11:28
--- score None2015-06-24 18:41
production ALL None2015-06-17 11:28
--- himem None2015-06-17 11:28
--- mcore None2015-06-17 11:28
--- mcorehimem None2015-06-17 11:28
--- score None2015-06-17 11:28

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  mainzgrid has no specific resource shares defined

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